Top 3 War Games

  1. Stick War
  2. Territory War
  3. 1066

Play Stick Wars and other War Games - Use Your Imagination to Create Awesome Tactics

Stick Strike

Stick Strike is shooting game such as counter strike and …

Played: 2,748 times
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Stick Trampoline

Try to jump higher and higher on Stick Trampoline to …

Played: 2,022 times
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Stick RPG

Play Stick RPG this game is impressive, because you can …

Played: 2,190 times
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Hands Of War

Welcome to Hands of War RPG. These brief tutorials are …

Played: 2,483 times
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Stick War

Play Stick War game create your warriors and defeat your …

Played: 17,021 times
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In 1066 you get to control the English, Viking or …

Played: 3,307 times
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Skies Of War

It is 28 years after the iron war. The enemy …

Played: 1,670 times
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About Stick War Games

Explore the Stick War and play this online game just for free. This is a kind of action and strategic game, that needs to be careful and make strategic moves, because any mistake can lead to your defeat. Before being involved and becoming the part of it please read carefully the instructions which are given at the very beginning of the game it helps you to understand game batter and also will help you in the process of playing. It is important to know what your enemy is capable of and what move he or she will make, because that will help you to counterattack your enemy and win the game. It is such an amazing game, because when you play it you feel very excited and trying to do everything to use your imagination and tactics that will help you to defeat your enemy. For example if enemy will send you huge army of archers you need someone with shield or physical strength which is tank and can take damage and assassins or archers as well as to destroy their army in no time. with your moves The keyboard arrows will guide you which will lead you to success. The main aim of the game is to be on time, create your own warriors – the players and destroy the statute. This is possible with the tools you can choose at the beginning. Also you’re flexible in selecting the level of difficulty. For example if you started now and you want to simply test your strategic moves you can play with easy enemy or play practice match, so If you are amateur and beginner you’re recommended to start from the easiest step like normal and later complicate your play where you will face more obstacles to be overcome. But all of this is up to you you know better which one to choose and you need to try your best and be on your way to success. Apart from that there are another levels as well, these are: hard and insane. Besides various Stick War games are proposed to all interested game lovers. Be active and try to destroy the enemy’s statute, be on time otherwise you might be killed by the enemies. They will try to kill you with the arrows thrown and keep an eye on them, be flexible and smart, you can move in the right direction in order to avoid being killed. Don’t forget to click on miners for economy and take a tour. There are so many ways to play this type of games there are nice mods which will change your game and everything around it. You can also continue your playing on another land plots on every stage. To sum up Stick War type games are for all kind of people because you can choose level of difficulty, you need tactics and strategic moves to win the game, so Invite your friends and play Stick War Games – beloved one for everyone despite the age and special requirements!
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